Bronze belt plate and hoard of coins

The Belt Plate of Lothen

The belt plate came to light – together with a multitude of brooches – in 1940 during road construction works below the Burgkofel in Lothen. It is made of bronze and measures 24 x 12.5 cm. On the front it shows two deer, of which the smaller has the ears of a dog. The antlers are crafted ornamentally, and the bodies are extensively decorated with small incisions and stamped dots. On the back the plate carries an inscription in Rhaetian letters “XANUEL SURIES KALA HEPRU IA IL KLUNTURUS”. It is probably a consecration inscription, which can be read as follows: “XANUEL SURIES DEDICATES A WORK OF KLUNTURUS TO HEPRU”. Belt plates were characteristic elements of the dress worn in the 5th and 4th centuries BCE.

The Gold Coin Hoard of Sebatum

These gold coins – 11 solidi and 11 tremisses – were found in Sebatum in the 1930s. There are 22 coins from the 5th and 6th centuries CE, minted under the Eastern Roman emperors Leo I, Zeno, Anastasios, Justinius I and Justinianus.