Sankt Lorenzen Pichlwiese: a Roman burial ground in the Pustertal Valley

A Roman burial ground was discovered in St. Lorenzen in 2001/2.

84 cremations and burials from the 1st to 6th centuries were uncovered at that time. The Pichlwiese burial ground is one of the most important Roman period burial culture finds in the region. There is now a publication on the subject with lots of interesting details. In addition to the research history, it also covers scientific studies and a detailed analysis of all of the graves and grave objects. The book was presented to the general public in the presence of the local Minister for Culture, Dr. Florian Mussner, and the Director of the Office for Archaeological Monuments, Dr. Catrin Marzoli. Thanks for this academic work go above all to the editors, Dr. Lorenzo Dal Ri and Dr. Umberto Tecchiati of the Office for Archaeological Monuments, and the SRA company (Società Ricerche Archeologiche) from Brixen and its employees, Dr. Margherita Feltrin and Dr. Noris Zandó, who carried out the detailed analysis of all of the burial finds.

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