This is a cooperative project between the three museums of archaeology in Pieve di Cadore, St. Lorenzen and Döllsach for the informal networking of institutions and areas with historically significant sites from the Roman period, which aims to bring added value through targeted activities and communication initiatives.

The Magnifica Comunità di Cadore will, as the proprietor of the Cadorino Museum of Archaeology, take responsibility for restoring the floor from a nearby Roman villa that today is preserved in the atrium of the Palazzo della Magnifica. In addition, the finds from the excavation sites in Rusecco and Stean in the Valle di Cadore will also be examined.

Bruneck Kronplatz Tourism, as the agency responsible for the Mansio Sebatum Museum, will focus on the archaeological sites in the quarters of Sebatum where the craftsmen and thermal baths were situated. It is planned to undertake restoration work on the Roman walls and in the floor area with the aim of achieving a comprehensive understanding of and greater accessibility to the site. The directorate of the Aguntum Museum is producing a 3-D model of the “Municipium Claudium Aguntum” Roman settlement. The layout of the Roman town is being analysed and recreated using digital techniques, in order to illustrate its complex design, structure and scope for visitors. Another aim of the cross-border initiatives is to produce a joint short film and other advertising materials to present the three museums in the net.